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Benefits of IONM

Benefits of IONM


• Explain our role prior to each surgery so patient understands what we are doing and why we are present; each patient will sign a consent form for intraoperative monitoring before their surgery.

• Consistently run appropriate neural tests throughout entire procedure to identify any changes that occur relating to the nervous system.

• Inform surgeon of any neural activity and/or changes from patient’s baseline in a “real time” fashion allowing surgeon to make appropriate adjustments/changes to avoid post-operative pain, irritation, and/or deficits.

• Dedicate all of our attention to intraoperative monitoring from beginning of case until close and provide the highest level of care to each patient

• Protect each patient’s personal health information by following specific, secure procedures that adhere to HIPAA guidelines.


We monitor a wide variety of surgeries that can be separated into five categories: Spinal, Cranial, ENT, Peripheral, and Vascular. We use a variety of tests during each procedure. These tests used are dictated by what type of surgery is being performed.

• Decrease risk of temporary or permanent neural damage after surgery

• Increase surgeon confidence throughout procedure Improve surgical outcome

• Decrease OR time by having IOM technician that is strictly dedicated to IOM

• Added protection of remotely connected neurologist monitoring case in real time Additional

• Additional way to monitor patient’s physiological status (BP, Temperature, HR, ischemia along with neural function)


We provide our hospitals trained representatives conducting preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative neurophysiologic monitoring services. Our goal is to partner with hospitals and provide the best possible care for the patient with trained professionals. Our credentialed neurophysiological team will detect and alert should a change occur in the central nervous system. This will allow our surgeons to alter their surgical technique and reduce the risk of temporary or permanent post-operative neurological deficits. Surgeons utilizing Synapses IOM offer their patients added support with every effort being made to ensure a positive surgical outcome.


• Team approach of technologists with expertise in various complicated and high-risk surgeries

• Independent professional interpretation of data for medical/legal

• Reduces hospital length-of-stay and medical costs

• Significant cost savings to hospital

• Increases hospital standard of care that can be marketed within the community

• Improves surgical outcomes reducing need for follow-up surgeries